Suzanne Kobayashi

I am Suzanne Kobayashi, the owner and broker of Beach & Bluff Realty. I have many years of experience in sales, property development, long term rentals & vacation rental property management. The Kobayashi family has had vacation rentals in Hanalei since the 60’s. I have a very active life here on Kauai balancing work, family, spiritual practice, friends & fun. I have many interests & hobbies, including gardening, art, music, travel, and culinary adventures at home and abroad. I have enjoyed the 4 generations of family I am blessed with. I love working with folks on vacation who respect the people and culture of the place they are visiting. They are happy to be going on vacation and I can totally relate! I enjoy providing our guests with wonderful places to stay, an easy booking experience and aloha.

Suzanne Kobayashi - Kauai Realtor


Kira was born in Moscow, Russia and moved to the United States of America when she was 19. From an early age she was introduced to a diverse life of art and travel. She has pursued a career of interior architecture in corporations in Washington, D.C., New York City, and San Francisco. After ten years of success in that realm, Kira went on to being a private interior architect consultant. That career led her to sailing around the United States and South America. It is sailing that brought Kira to Kauai over 11 years ago. She continues her career as a private consultant. She has joined Beach and Bluff Realty as the reservationist, coordinator, & logistics thinker! She speaks Russian and a bit of Spanish to boot. She enjoys helping people get the vacation have longed & waited for.

Kira - Kauai Realtor


I have visited and lived on Kauai. It is a sacred place to me. Molly has since moved back to her native Oregon. Suzanne asked her what she loved about living here and what she misses.

Things I love/miss:
small town feel/welcoming community,
beautiful nature that surrounds you every time you step out of your house.

I enjoy sharing the Garden Island with our visitors on social media. You will find information on our properties as well as news and attractions on our Facebook and Instagram pages.

Mary Margaret Smith

Our bookkeeper is a 20 year resident of Kauai. Before coming here, she had her own bookkeeping service working for TV producers, motivational speakers, and companies in the sailing industry amongst other. After moving to Kauai, she became the financial advisor for Wind Diva. She became a certified association manager, managing condominiums and homeowner associations.

She lives up in the lush Wailua homestead where her dog runs her life. She is a world traveler, loves to read, play cards, and is studying to be a deacon in the Episcopal Church.

Mary Margaret Smith - Kauai Realtor